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Pacific tree frog on hydrangea blossom
  • National Priorities Project/Tradeoffs. Can your tax dollars be better spent? See also The Cost of War
  • Physicians for a National Health Program
  • Government is Good Website
  • Informed Comment Thoughts on the Middle East from Juan Cole
  • Common Dreams compiles news and commentary from around the U.S. and the world.
  • TomDispatch Antidote to the MSM
  • RealClimate: knowledgeable and up-to-date commentary from climate scientists.
  • Matters of Consequence
  • The War Prayer, Mark Twain
  • First they came for the Jews
  • What powers does the U.S. Constitution grant to the President? the Congress?
  • What is the right to habeus corpus and why is it the only individual right enumerated in the un-amended Constitution?
  • Doesn't the Fourth Amendment require a warrant to search?
    News and Opinion
  • On 16 Dec 2010 several hundred veterans gathered outside the White House to protest the wars in which we are engaged. Here are essays from two participants.
  • Flawed Climate Bill, 21 July, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, peer.org
  • American Denial, 1 June, Tom Englehardt, TomDispatch.com
  • Awful Texas Social Studies Standards. What About Yours?, 22 May, Bill Bigelow, Common Dreams
  • Where is the Heat? Better data needed to determine global warming impact, 16 April, The Guardian
  • The Obama Doctrine: Kill, Don't Detain, 12 April, The Guardian.
  • Nine Myths about Socialism in U.S. 10 April, Bill Quigley, CommonDreams
  • World's top firms cause $2.2 trillion of environmental damage 19 Feb, Juliette Jowit, The Guardian
  • Targeted killings of US citizens 5 Feb, William Fisher, Inter Press Service
  • Last Decade Warmest Ever 22 Jan. Agence France Presse
  • What you are not hearing about Haiti 21 Jan, Carl Lindskoog, Common Dreams
  • They're All Against Jobs 20 Dec, Sen. Fritz Hollings, Huffington Post
  • Cape and Fade 7 Dec., James Hansen, New York Times
  • Copenhagen Climate Talks Should Fail 3 Dec., The Guardian
  • Cities at Risk from Rising Sea Level 1 Dec, The Times of London
  • Surrender to Terrorists? 15 Nov, Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com
  • Arctic Summers Hottest for 2000 Years3 Sept, Ian Sample, The Guardian
  • We Are Heading Towards an Abyss 3 Sept, Associated Press
  • The Brutal Truth about America's Health Care, 15 August, The Independent
  • U.S. Economic Myths Bite the Dust, 14 August, Mark Weisbrot, The Guardian
  • If US health care is so good, why do others live longer?13 August, McClatchy Newspapers
  • The AMA Does Not Represent Us, 16 June Margaret Flowers & Carol Paris, TruthDig.org
  • Debunking Canadian Health Care Myths, 7 June Rhonda Hackett, Denver Post
  • 119 Million Americans must be wrong, 5 June Robert Parry, ConsortiumNews.com
  • 'Public Option' pales next to Single Payer, 4 June Nicholas Skala, Common Dreams
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    Religion and Science
    LN2 phase change demo (Abstract: We examine the macroscopic consequences of the change of state of nitrogen from the liquid phase to the gas phase when constrained in a sealed container immersed in a water bath.) Big file. Takes a long time to download.
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